He Dines Out on Death (Download)

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Have a listen/download Sleuth’s little cover of “He Dines Out on Death” by Cristina


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See you in May, New York City!

Frankly I can’t fucking believe Sleuth is playing the same night as Allo Darlin’ and Ladybug Transistor. Click the photo to see more details.

2am Update.

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Hi gang […tumbleweed],

-I’ve been lazy about WordPress. Sorry. A mass update is due then.

-Sleuth have been confirmed to play NYC Popfest in May, which is incredibly exciting given that some of us are people who rarely leave home besides to work.

-Locally, we have a show at The Media Club in Vancouver on February 5th with Fall Fair Chair. Tickets are on the cheap I believe.

-We also did an interview for Discorder Magazine which you can read here, just go to page 14-15.

-We’re going into the studio to use our Shindig prize of 20 hours at The Hive with Colin Stewart to record a single in March.

Below is a screenshot of the PDF copy of our interview for visual interest, because apparently people on the internet pay more attention when there’s an image. I also bolded important words so that you might get facts easier; this is another tactic employed by savvy internet-users.


Brave Knew Nothing Reissued

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Brave Knew Nothing Reissued

So in celebration of winning Shindig and at the request of a few people, we’ve reissued our EP, Brave Knew Nothing on cassette again but only 16 copies, which means you should buy one before they’re gone. They include a download code and if you buy it from our store, you get a free drawing too.

Sleuth “The Honey is in the Hive”

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Here’s a video from the semi-finals for CiTR Radio’s Shindig competition. We came in first! It was a crazy three evenings. Tune in January 5th to CiTR’s station (streaming or old-fashioned) to hear us play on the air.

NEWS: Tapes Sold-Out and Shows and New Member!

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So here I am wearing my bubble-wrap veil. Beside me are the last packed copies of Brave Knew Nothing to be shipped to Japan, which is why I’m wearing a Tokyo tee.

We are personally sold out of the Brave Knew Nothing EP cassettes, however, several fine retailers below should have copies, or you can download it all instantly on our Bandcamp.

Pebble Records (located in England)

Vollwert Records (located in Germany)

Violet and Claire (located in Japan, but might still be waiting for their shipment of cassettes)

Zoo Zhop (located in Canada, best to go in-store if you can)


**September 10th, Ayden Gallery, Vancouver for Cloudscape Comics book launch** No Cover

**October 4th, Railway Club, Vancouver part of CiTr Shindig competition** No clue what cover is.

We’ll be playing new tunes (and old-ish tunes) and debuting out new bassist, Jesse Easter.

Thank you everyone for your support. We have more for you in the future, feel free to bother us because we’re like petulant children and just want any kind of attention to mistake for love.


-The Lion in Love

SHOW July 29th Zoo Zhop

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Sleuth are headlining(?) with Johnny de Courcy and guests a wee all ages show at Zoo Zhop on Main Street in Vancouver on July 29th. Doors are 8pm. $5 entrance fee.

We’ll be playing two new songs. By “new” I mean one of them was written five days ago on an autoharp. In addition, a few songs we’ve played once or twice at other shows but aren’t released anywhere. We’ll also be playing most of Brave Knew Nothing. We’ll be bringing some of our remaining tapes for sale.

So we’d love to see some pretty faces.

Stay gold.