Nouveau French Electro: autoKratz

June 19, 2009 § Leave a comment

It would be an awfully daunting task to attempt to write a comprehensive chronicle of all that is new in the land of French House music, so I won’t.

I have, however, just started listening to autoKratz’s proper debut album due out on the 22nd, Animal, and I’m quite taken with it. Certain songs recall early 80s new wave, bits of Depeche Mode shine through such as “Speak in Silence”, but mostly I would say it sounds very late 90s with hints of contemporary electro. The Korg MS-20 which seems to be on nearly every song provides that archetypal grit we associate with leads and basslines in the genre–very aggressive. The vocals aren’t admittedly spectacular, but they’re not offensive either, they appear to just be there to provide a top melody. I think this is likely the weak spot in the band and even then, it’s not that they’re bad, just mediocre.

The band is guaranteed a degree of success, having their album released on Kitsuné, one of the mainstays of electro, home to such goodies as La Roux, Digitalism and a host of excellent one-off singles. I would say it’s definitely a worthy album to check out for synthy goodness.


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