Forest World, An Awesome Electro Duo You Don’t Know

June 22, 2009 § Leave a comment


The decidedly lo-tech photo I jacked from their Myspace

The decidedly lo-tech photo I jacked from their Myspace


So a couple of days ago, I signed on to my Myspace account, to see that a band I’d never heard of called Forest World had sent me a friend invite. I clicked to listen to their stuff, choosing the song with most plays, figuring that generally it’s a good indicator. From there I found myself listening to every song on their page. I was enchanted by the fairly minimal instrumentation, with creamy bleeps, reminiscent of video games and the duo’s mellow singing voices; male and female voices always sound good together. When I read what was even better, I could send them a message and ask for free songs, I was hooked. So I sent in my request and later that evening, Sean–the male portion of the duo, replied with a friendly response and a link to download 11 songs.

I’m not sure if these are excerpts or full EPs, but I love it. “Computer Mountain” has a hooky upbeat tempo, thick buzzy synths and minimal vocals. “Holy Knives” reminds me a little of Daft Punk, although significantly more lo-fi (which I find delightful) and a little less dance orientated and their chanting voices are blissful. “Prelude to Tha Carter VII” begins with a bouncy bassline and enter this fantastic synth pad, followed shortly by low tempered vocals by (I’m assuming it’s) Sean. By far the longest song is “Magic Branches”, clocking in at 13 minutes, which sounds like it could actually be about three songs. The song is cheery, and bouncy with an underlying almost organ-like pad, then it drops off to gentle ambience with digital bit-crushing, before building back up and marching out from about the 7 minute mark on a high of lo-fi upbeat heaven. I want to say that at times I’m reminded of a less polished M83, combined with more cheery pop elements. It’s a wonder these guys aren’t signed!

Listen here:

And if you like what you hear simply message the band asking for more.


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