Songs of the Week #2

June 27, 2009 § 2 Comments

So this week’s is a combination of new and old, all very superb. Enjoy.

Pnau “With You Forever”– A fun song by the Australian duo, a couple of years old, but it has such an infectious disco guitar and bass loop with otherworldly falsetto.

Badfinger “I Can’t Take It”– The opening track of the fantastic debut album No Dice from 1970. This is a band that was slotted as The “New” Beatles, when they first appeared, and rightfully so. The songs contain 70s harder rock anthem qualities combined with the wonderful melodies we associate with The Beatles. Their most famous song is the catchy “No Matter What”.

My Bloody Valentine “Strawberry Wine”– A considerably rare song from the Ecstasy and Wine EP, which has never been re-released. A damn shame if you ask me. It doesn’t sound like the MBV we all know and love; it’s more jangly like C86, but it’s a wonderful song with very MBV-like vocal harmonies. A gem.

Nico “Heroes”– Last year Mojo, the magazine, did a tribute to David Bowie and included a CD with covers, this was one of them. This insane cover Nico did, is raw and truly original, slightly psychotic and hypnotizing. John Cale always said she was tone-deaf, I agree, but there’s an odd musical quality to all her songs anyway.

Days “Motion”– Released on a limited edition of the Downhill EP, “Motion” is the B-side on the included 7″. Only a 300 copies were made. I think they might be out by now. Anyway, this Swedish pop song is very gentle and calming with lovely soft singing and nice jaunt on the acoustic guitar.



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§ 2 Responses to Songs of the Week #2

  • Daniel says:

    Where did John Cale say Nico was tone deaf? I recall an interview years ago where he said she was flawlessly in tune – the only singer he ever met who could do multiple takes each on top of the other without hearing them (or something like that). I always thought Cale held her in very high esteem as an artist.

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