Songs of the Week (I’ve lost count)

August 11, 2009 § Leave a comment

I know, I’m late. I’ll make up for it with some harder to find tunes.

“World Weary And Wise” by James Dean Driving Experience– A somewhat morbid band title. This song appears to be ripped from some overplayed 80s vinyl. The production leads something to be desired. Clocking in at about a minute and a half though, it’s a joy to listen to this little tune with a quick paced repeating guitar, and lethargic but sincere chorus with a good vocal harmony followed by minimal strings.

“Get My Point” by Jean-Paul Sartre Experience– Speaking of experiences, this is a sort of meandering song, with nasally vocals and staccato drumming. It was a grower for me, with some interesting breaks.

“Empty Boy” Lane Steinberg– Like all Steinberg’s songs, you couldn’t imagine listening without thinking of The Beach Boys. Of course, it doesn’t sound 1960s except in the basic structure of the song and melody because the production definitely belongs in that sort of early 90s era.

“Mansun’s Only Acoustic Song” by Mansun– A very strange 90s British band that sort of skittered along the border of Britpop and alternative rock. Draper’s vocals are a strange whiny falsetto. It’s true, this is their only acoustic song.

“You Should All Be Murdered” by Another Sunny Day– I know next to nothing about these guys, except that it has a really great guitar riff and a singer who sounds like a Morrissey ripoff. I would say the singer, who sounds okay is the weak part simply because he sounds like he isn’t using his real voice, but he’s still charming with his naive lyrics. The instrumentation is quite lovely for any twee fan, essential, really.


Stay Gold.


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