The Shiny Diamonds NEW VIDEO

August 15, 2009 § Leave a comment

Here it is! I finally kicked my ass into gear and finished editing the video for The Shiny Diamonds and their song “Cop Killer”.

Production Notes:

For those interested on my thoughts creating the music video, I have to say that for the most part a good time was had by all. The video is decidedly lo-fi in its aesthetics. As I was working with a $250 camcorder, zero budget and iMovie (more on that later) it only seemed reasonable to work to my advantage the inherent limitations of my resources. What I mean is, I’m not going to produce a “Thriller” grade video, and I know that trying to would simply end horribly. Instead, I thought I’d go with what these guys do best–rock, and just show them having a good time doing so.

So far, hilariously, my mom is the only person who has really seen the video and her comments included, “you’ve cut their heads off!” Not exactly what one hopes to hear for an unveiling, but I think I more obscured the image, mom. Realistically, this was filmed in a studio, which is not exactly the swingingest place around and besides audio nerds and musicians, looking at mixing boards and the like, a studio is kind of boring, so I tried to just capture the guys’ energy with rapid movements of the camera, some quick cuts, close-ups and so forth. Come on mom, it’s punk.

Other talk of the video has included Colin asking if he looked like an idiot. I told him I didn’t think so. What do you think, does Colin look like an idiot?

How the video was made? Well the band had gone into the studio to record demos for the upcoming album, and previously in June there had been more extravagant talk of a music video which fell through for various reasons, budget primarily. So, instead of the more conceptually driven idea, the band and I opted to just capture them playing. I had suggested they do some ridiculous antics, although it’s hard to push people to do antics when they’ve been recording all day. Alas, nobody climbed any trees. Calen, who is normally quite mellow seems to get quite excited as soon as a camera is whipped out and he was happy to oblige to the demand for shenanigans with his sexually suggestive bass playing, a toy gun (I don’t know where that even came from!) and cartwheels. Generally speaking, Tim is always like he portrayed in the video. He actually does jump around. He doesn’t even need to be performing; it can be unnerving when you’re half-asleep, but makes for entertaining videos. Quinn put on his best face. He is one of two people I know whom are more cynical than I.

But, I can’t complain, my payment was in a slice of a pizza, a can of Coke and a beer. That doesn’t quite equal the price of Mini DV tapes…. Hm, next time.

Perhaps my amateur mistakes include letting the band actually play through the song, instead of playing along to the recording of it. I realized this as we were filming, but figured it couldn’t be that off, but there are parts that got cut short in their live rendition that I had to fudge around with. My choice of software, although, not really a choice so much as a default, was to use iMovie. Ideally, I would have utilized Final Cut, but my computer is four years old and can’t run any new version of Final Cut (nor can I afford a copy), so I was left with iMovie which is in most cases a surprisingly capable program, but this time I really needed Final Cut for audio syncing with video. I had to guess so often. I’m sure Final Cut’s added effects could have proved awfully useful too.

That said, the worst part of this experience has been posting on YouTube–seemingly the easiest part. It took several upload freezes, different compressions, different formatting, only to revert to the original and try again. It has taken longer to get the video up on YouTube than it did to make it! I suppose it wouldn’t be evident that I’m using a computer if nothing went wrong.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the video and I look forward to making more.

Stay Gold.

PS. Be sure to check Tim the Mute of The Shiny Ds site here.


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