Songs of the Week, Blah

August 16, 2009 § Leave a comment

Good pop, while usually inherent in the songs of the week, is a mainstay especially in this posting.

“Don’t Be Angry” by The Organ– Released on the post-breakup EP, Thieves, “Don’t Be Angry” is one of the strongest songs, pleasantly underproduced.

“Breaker Breaker” by The Divorce– I saw these guys warm up years ago while at the EMP in Seattle. Even their soundcheck was good. One of the more slowed down songs on an otherwise pop punk album.

“He Gets Me So Hard” by Boyracer– One of those anomaly bands, having in-excess of 40 members over the years, and this is such a cool 2 minute buzzed out pop tune.

“Feels Like Heaven” by Fiction Factory– One of many 80s British pop hits with a solemn sounding singer and cheery synthesizers. I’ve just had it stuck in my head this week. I don’t even know if it’s actually a good song.

“What Was Going Through My Head” by The Grapes of Wrath– A highly underrated Canadian band, this particular song dates from ’89, but you can’t listen to these guys and not think of The Beatles. I’m also pretty sure that every 90s band from Canada owned this album.


-Stay Gold.


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