Songs of the Veek and Stuff.

October 18, 2009 § Leave a comment

Okay I’m a bad bloggist. School started again and I had a bit of a life again. I’ve noticed that when I am writing or playing music, I tend to write less about it. So, blame enormous amounts of creativity on my silence.

Anyway, what has happened? I saw the fucking Manic Street Preachers (last month…) There’s nothing I can say except that it’ll be difficult for any concert to ever top this one. Who knows though… I am seeing fucking Morrissey next month! So maybe he can top the Manics. I met James and Nicky too, and they were as charming as I could have hoped. Nicky grinned and bared it as a psychotic fan clamped on to him (it wasn’t me, by the way). The show itself was spectacular with 21 songs. Hopefully the boys will return before it’s another ten years. I had begun to write an in-depth review of the gig, but decided it was impossible to describe. The opener, Nico Vega was awful though, I felt as though I were witnessing a bunch of kids playing dress-up with their parents old 70s clothes. Not recommended.

Some footage a person with a decent camera took of the gig. Amazing.


Some songs I’ve been enjoying lately.

Marina and the Diamonds “I Am Not A Robot (unplugged)”- If you’ve not heard Marina’s lovely voice, that seems to harken back to Kate Bush, although less mystical and more interested in electronic music. Her lyrics aren’t brilliant but they’re catchy. Here’s the unplugged version.

Four Tops “I’ll Turn To Stone”- One of my favourite Motown groups, I’ve been listening to this song constantly the past week.

Saint Etienne “Jackie Collins Existential Question Time” (Manic Street Preachers cover)- This comes as a free download with the Journal For Plague Lovers vinyl record, it says “remix” but it’s actually a cover song. Featuring the soft and sweet vocals of Sarah Cracknell, who censors the line “a married man fucks a Catholic” and replaces it with “does a Catholic”. It’s kind of cute.

Chapterhouse “Precious One”- From the classic shoegaze album Whirlpool, the song features the standard soft buried vocals and shimmery droney guitar, but the best part of this song is the interesting percussion and the really pumping bassline. It makes me think of Screamadelica meets shoegaze. It’s this close to being a dance song like Primal Scream or The Happy Mondays.

download here.

Stay Gold


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