Review: Mew in concert

December 12, 2009 § Leave a comment

So I arrived a bit late, the band had just started their set. Actually, by concert standards I was early–they just started like an hour earlier than most bands. I’m not a huge Mew fan, a casual listener, owner of the first two albums and not having got around to the latest, but after experiencing them live I’ll surely be going out and getting the newest. Few bands I’ve seen are this tight. I had chocked their sound up to clever production, but I can see I had not given them credit. The drummer and bassist must share the same brain; they were that synchronized. The singer has an amazing voice. I had previously thought that yes, he had a nice voice but that the falsetto parts were likely the result of studio luxury where he could do as many takes as he wanted to get a song right, but hearing him tonight, he surely only needed one take per song. He was dead on every note. Tim had even thought that some parts were the result of pitch shifter. I don’t think they are, I could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure that’s just the guy’s natural voice. Behind the band was a big projection screen of some strange animals and people animated, singing along, there was a cat on violin. Overall entertaining. Anyway, the encore consisted of 4 or 5 songs (I couldn’t tell, I was distracted by the coat check to beat the rush) and the sound mixing was aces. The crowd was odd. A sold-out show, there was a mix of indie kids, 30+ year olds, stoners, prog rock fans and the like. Tim and I witnessed some embarrassing members of the audience, whom we hoped were on Ecstasy because nobody should behave that way clean. As for the venue in Vancouver, dubbed Venue (silly isn’t it?) they treat you nicely when they know you’re on the guestlist, but when they don’t, you realize that the coat check is $3 for a coat (which is average) but $5 for a bag (which is ridiculous! what about a bag is worth an extra 2 dollars of trouble?) and the bloated bartender in the tight v-neck shirt is a tool. I digress. Mew play an excellent show, suitable for diehards and casual listeners alike. These Danish devils are highly recommended if they are visiting your town.


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