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December 15, 2009 § Leave a comment

Ahoy internet.

Slowly I’m rebuilding my iTunes collection. So I’ve got three songs to share in the spirit of giving and so forth.

Easterhouse “On Your Own” was by a shortlived Manchester band often compared to The Chameleons and opened for The Smiths a few times. They sound like they probably put on a great live show back in the day. Today’s selection comes from their 1986 debut Contenders on Rough Trade.

The Raincoats “Life On The Line” came from their 1979 debut album. This all-girl band combined the rawness of punk, with a screechy violin and at times sound very German to me. This particular song reminds me of “Digital” by Joy Division with slightly more cheerful riffs.

Swan Lake “Spider” is from 2009, fancy that a newer song. The Canadian supergroup happens to have this song as a free download from their label’s site, so I don’t feel bad about posting it. Anyway, I enjoy how reminiscent of David Bowie this song is, with the spacey glam guitar and the vocal phrasing.


Reading Rainbow!

Now that I’ve had the luxury of being on my winter break, I’ve decided to cram in some reading. At the moment I’m finishing up Goodmorning Midnight by Jean Rhys. Fans of confessional writers will enjoy this one. It is a first person account of an English woman who appears to have a drinking problem, wandering through Paris in 1937, recounting her past experiences by reflecting them in the present of her madness. She oscillates between banal insanity and a longing to die, to be alone, and to be with people. I stumbled upon this book while purusing a Chapters, the description drew me in with the end line “tomorrow she will dye her hair blonde.” Absurd. But I am always a fan of drama completely underscored by deadpan. The writing is quite poetic and Rhys weaves the language with an admirable ease.


Most importantly, on the 18th and 19th I’ll be doing my first shows as The Lion in Love with Julian Bowers accompanying on drums and guitar.

-On the 18th it’ll be a more intimate setting in a coffeeshop in Kitsilano called Cuppa Joe, playing with The Shiny Diamonds and my other labelmates.

-On the 19th it’s an all out Kingfisher Bluez Christmas party on Commercial and 22nd, invite only, but contact me for invitations.

Stay Gold.


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