The Winter of Our Discount Tent

December 22, 2009 § 2 Comments

Yes it is winter.

So for your listening pleasure I’d like to present what I’m going to call The Apartment Session #1. Here you can enjoy the toned down and relaxed versions of The Lion in Love (that’s me) playing with Julian Bowers (that’s not me) on drums. You’ll also get a special Christmas cover song that Julian sings. These are raw and full of mistakes and hopefully a little charm, mostly intended as an introduction to some of the newest work.

Apartment Session #1

Unceremonious Splendour

A Dizzying Spell

Fishing For Moonlight

Don’t Believe in Christmas (cover of The Sonics)

We’re Not Friends Yet

More downloads galore, the Kingfisher Bluez No Revival compilation comes out today, featuring one of my songs and others on the label. Available as a free download or a limited edition CD. Click here for the freebie, or buy the handmade real deal and support the artists.

Stay Gold and Merry Christmas, Kids


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§ 2 Responses to The Winter of Our Discount Tent

  • Jesse Easter says:

    PSSST im the guy who played trumpet with Plastic Chair Explosion at that party Tim threw 3 days ago. Nice to meet you! you are probably a person who experiences things that feel meaningful. you are probably also a person who then makes things that other people see as meaningful. THAT IS A REALLY COOL THING. if you wanna check out MY music, and are on facebook, and my name and ill give you some 🙂

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