Review: Zoot Woman

January 12, 2010 § Leave a comment

So it seems like I’m quite behind, Zoot Woman’s third album, Things Are What They Used To Be came out a few months ago and I only found out the other day. In some ways it’s an improvement and in other ways it’s a regression. The sound is slicker–too slick–everything is so compressed that there’s little dynamic, however, I feel like it’s more consistent songwriting, all of the songs are pretty decent, whereas in the past there have been great songs like “Living in a Magazine” mixed with really lacklustre tunes. I feel as though the songs could have more layers of sound to really pump them out, but they are all very much in the realm of sophisticated electronic dance pop. I haven’t heard any remixes yet, but I imagine some of the remixes will outdo the originals. I find Zoot Woman’s strength is in the basslines and disco-y drum beats, with unintrusive vocals, what they need are more synth hooks. A few songs are reminiscent of Daft Punk but more of a rock band setup and frankly, it’s like listening to an English version of Phoenix (less groove more synth) and Stuart Price is a notorious Francophile anyway, so this isn’t surprising. That said, I don’t know how big of a part Price had in the songwriting because he doesn’t tour with the band anymore, there’s a girl who plays bass on tour with the band now and it seems important to draw the legacy of influences as coming from 80s British synthpop groups like Human League. Perhaps, I’ll assume the Blake brothers do most of the legwork. Anyhow, on the whole, it’s fun but not revolutionary, fans won’t have many complaints.

Recommended Tracks: “Blue Sea”, “Memory”, “Just a Friend of Mine”, “We Won’t Break”

-Stay Gold


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