Am I Deaf Yet? #1

January 17, 2010 § Leave a comment

So if I had to lose my hearing, every musician and music lover’s greatest fear, what are the songs I would like to do it to? Or what are the songs I would hope to have heard before it happened? What would be the list I would leave behind? What are the songs I wish I’d written? These are big questions, and I don’t plan on completing the list, but I’m going to try to tackle some selections as an ongoing research. I understand that it’s a compilation that can never be absolute and is heavily subjective, depending on what I happen to be listening to that day, that week. Unfortunately, my choices at the moment are very limited to YouTube because most of my music is on an iPod or vinyl that I can’t get on my computer. I’ll do my best regardless.

So the first up was prompted by repeated listens today on the bus. I’ve mentioned it before, “Precious One” by Chapterhouse. Shoegazing goodness that appears to borrow from The Stone Roses in the rhythm section, mixed with dreamy vocals, with intensely dynamic highs mixed with this constant rhythm that pulses like nature. You could dance to this, sleep to it, smoke pot to it (not that I told you to), cuddle to it, make a whimsical film montage to it… the list goes on. It’s pure atmosphere. Turn it up, close your eyes. It makes me feel like I’m underwater and soaring at the same time. Enjoy. There’s more to come.

Stay Gold


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