Dear God, Xiu Xiu

January 18, 2010 § Leave a comment

For me the work of Jamie Stewart has evoked a mixed reaction. Some of it is beautiful; some of it is traumatic.Two new tracks from the forthcoming album were posted here. Both songs are actually really amazing. My favourite is the album’s title track, “Dear God, I Hate Myself” which at times reminds me of Morrissey if he took drugs and had access to a variety of noisy synthesizers. That’s not to say that Jamie Stewart actually sounds anything like Morrissey, because he doesn’t, but there’s that same desperation and self-reflexivity, with soulful vocals. “Gray Death” has a sort of epic feel to it, as though I’m travelling quickly on a train, or a car, dodging through traffic. Here Xiu Xiu mixes noisy lo-fi effects, with acoustic guitars and clean softer sounds. Overall if these two tracks are at all reflective of the rest of the album due out in late February, I expect one of the best albums of theirs I’ve ever heard. I’m excited.

-Stay Gold


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