The Dentists’ Reunion

January 24, 2010 § 3 Comments

So outside the U.K. The Dentists were virtually unknown. They were around in the 80s until the mid-90s, playing jangly 60s inspired rock and pop music with incredibly catchy guitar riffs and enigmatic vocals–think C86, paisley underground, Mod, Britpop. For whatever reason, they never attained much fame, but nevertheless they have reunited to play two shows this year and their original drummer, Ian Smith, has decided to film the band’s subsequent rehearsals as a sort of “rockumentary” as he’s calling it. I wouldn’t say unless you’re a fan of the band to begin with that it’s very interesting, but it does say something about the internet age when a band of 40-somethings are reuniting their not-quite-famous rock band and documenting it, finally posting it on YouTube.

Part 1 was interesting just to hear some history on the band and their practicing “I Had An Excellent Dream”–one of their best songs, otherwise there’s just some charming fucking around. Part 2 is more of the band rehearsing. I’m mostly intrigued with the idea of this fairly unknown band treating this effort in the same way one might treat a famous group’s reunion, but with a painfully amateur film crew (that is, one person handling the camera) and a down-to-earth attitude.

A Greatest Hits of sorts: The Dentists Dressed download

Below is part 1 of the “rockumentary” which I only suggest if you’re a fan, otherwise stick to the download above.

-Stay Gold


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