Oh, Scotland

February 19, 2010 § Leave a comment

Have I mentioned I like Scottish music? Well, I do. Just today, a band called North Atlantic Oscillation added me on Myspace and instantly I was drawn into the atmospheric production, the soft melodies and the pulsing nature of this band. I can’t draw comparisons at the moment, because they sound very original, highly polished, like Muse perhaps with the playfulness of Stereolab. Even so, those parallels aren’t entirely accurate at all. It’s poppy, but sophisticated. I highly recommend these guys based on what little I’ve heard anyway. Their debut, Grappling Hooks, is due out in March, fingers crossed it’s as good as the previews.

Speaking of the Scottish, the other day, I was watching Grease for the first time in probably a decade and found myself recognizing one of Olivia Newton John’s solo songs, “Hopelessly Devoted to You”. (I guarantee this will relate back to Scottish music in one second.) My knowing this song, was different though, in my head it was sung by a man, and after 20 minutes of frustrated Google searches to no avail, I gave up. The following day, after deciding to listen to BMX Bandits (they’re Scottish) it suddenly hit me, that it was in fact they who covered “Hopelessly Devoted to You” on The BMX Love E.P. which was released last year on a 7″ white vinyl. It was a lucky fluke, and satisfying to know that I’m not crazed. Listen to this wonderful live rendition.


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