Blood and Lust: The Parenthetical Girls

February 21, 2010 § Leave a comment

Maybe you already knew this, but for the past ten days there’s been a pre-order up on The Parenthetical Girls’ website, touting a new EP available only online, on vinyl, limited to a 500 print run, with a free download and numbered with singer, Zac Pennington’s blood. Did you know this? Have you bought it yet? Called Privilege pt. 1: On Death & Endearments, the EP is priced quite fairly too, about $12 and a bit depending on where you live. The band also just released a split single with Xiu Xiu covering Morrissey and Smiths songs. Solid output. If the video for the new EP doesn’t hint at what awesomeness should be expected of this bizarre, noisy chamber pop ensemble, then we just can’t be friends.

This brings me to an important question which is, why is it so important to get something signed in blood? One hopes Mr. Pennington doesn’t have any blood diseases. He’s not the first musician, artist or anyone to release something signed in blood, therefore it must have some importance. Do we get his essence of artistic genius from a couple drops stained on to paper? Regardless, I ordered my copy due out in two days.

-Stay Gold


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