Am I Deaf Yet? #I don’t know

March 5, 2010 § Leave a comment

It’s well-documented that before Tim Gane and Laetitia Sadier formed Stereolab they were in Marxist C86 band, McCarthy, which I love and will probably rave about later in another post. Today it’s Stereolab.

Dear Stereolab,

Why can’t I be as good as you?

Love and kind regards,

The Lion in Love xo

The answer is their amazing production, jazz and 60s pop band inspired uses of synthesizers and other bizarre instruments. Also, the singer is French, how can you lose? That’s automatically cool. Even so, there must be something else, because I don’t know why I can’t be as good as Stereolab, who can be? I feel like time stops listening to them, it’s breezy, pulsing, elegiac, beautiful and intense. As someone with synaesthesia, few bands evoke such extreme visions of colour and shape in front of me as Stereolab do, which is why I have to take them in limited doses, it can actually be distracting if I’m not prepared to just sit there and listen intently.

The only way I can describe the effect Stereolab has on me is to say they sound like the song was playing before I turned it on and it’s still playing after it’s over, as though they deviate from the laws of time. It’s not as though I feel like I’ve caught the middle of the song, but that the song has always been in existence and playing before I heard it and will continue after it’s finished.

Here’s a favourite, “Whisper Pitch”, that someone has made a fun fan video for. Note the transition around the 3 minute mark that suddenly sounds like Air.


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