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March 12, 2010 § Leave a comment

Dear Canadians,

Do you remember Jordy Birch? Did you try to forget Jordy Birch? Now I’ve come to remind you of Jordy Birch.

Mr. Birch appears to latch on to every musical trend from shoegaze to Madchester to grunge to (bad) pop songs to synthpop. Besides the bad pop song period of “Moola Moola”, which ironically, was probably his best hit, he has actually pulled off all of these genre-bending transitions. Incidentally, finding old stuff by his first band, Pure is fucking impossible. Warner Bros. has basically blocked all their videos everywhere. One of their best songs, “Anna is a Speed Freak” was banned by MuchMusic back in the day, and though, I found it once on YouTube a couple of years ago WMG has blocked it since. I honestly wish I could show you some of Pure’s later stuff, as I feel it was their best., but alas, Warner Bros. loves it so much that they want it all for themselves.

-Stay Gold


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