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I know this is nothing new: years of hearing people talk about director, Ed Wood (not to mention the movie with his namesake) has yielded his badness into a strange realm of quality. Last night I finally gave in and watched Glen or Glenda from 1953. The bizarre film appears to centre around a transexual man who likes to wear ladies’ clothes, with an especial penchant for angora, but he has a fiancée and is troubled with the prospect of telling her about his habits. It is clouded with longwinded explanations like an educational film from that era, coupled with Bela Lugosi’s vague role as ‘the scientist” saying things in a frightening manner that has little to do with the story itself. There is also a long dream sequence that includes some form of S&M. In many ways, the film is heavy-handed, at times hard to watch, and also confusing, yet it is so earnest that I can’t help but like it and chuckle. I found myself asking why about 60 percent of the elements were even there. Oddly enough, I think Glen or Glenda would make more sense as a play. Ed Wood should’ve been a comedy writer. Regardless, if you like camp or to laugh at failed drama, this is an obvious choice, and if you’re reading this, you’ve probably seen it before anyway, I just wanted to rave about it.

You have no excuse now:


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