A Day of Free Music

April 9, 2010 § Leave a comment

My day of free music began with an arrival in the post. Cumulus from Bellingham, Washington sent me my free CD of her demos. It came in style, including a photo of, what I take it are, cumulus clouds with a personal note on the back and the CD itself came in a handmade felt slip. It was all very cute. The music itself is decidedly stripped down, consisting primarily of acoustic guitar and vocals. Alexandra’s vocals are aces, a little dry, gentle and soulful. I have “Do You Remember” stuck in my head.

free is good

I know pretty much nothing about Creamy Creature, besides that their (her?) album is for download and is mostly instrumental tracks, heavily influenced by dreampop. The tumblr account where the download is also contains a shitload of My Bloody Valentine recordings, so that’s a treat already.

Cults has three tracks for download off their forthcoming 7″ (which I was going to order until I saw it would be $16 with shipping). The songs are clearly inspired by 60s pop, with additional atmosphere and soundclips from cult leaders. It’s a bizarre and slightly sinister combination that is mixed with frightening cheeriness. I find myself thinking of The Brian Jonestown Massacre (and not just for the namesake alone) and Camera Obscura without any of the melancholy.

such an awesome photo

Giant Travel Avant Garde seems to fit snugly in the realm of American indie rock. I wouldn’t say all the tracks on their free EP are great, but I do like “Serpents Sign” which has a decidedly slow tension. The songs are mostly under 2 minutes in length and feel very early 90s. It’s just kind of fun stuff.

because people like pictures and this was the only one



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