Whatever Seems Candid at 4:12

April 14, 2010 § Leave a comment

I just finished watching Reservoir Dogs for the first time in probably seven years. Tarantino really has the best soundtracks.

Anyway I’m glad everyone I know who is going to Coachella is leaving tomorrow because I’ve been hearing about it forever. While of course I am appropriately jealous, it’s not like last year’s line-up, which was virtually tailor-made for me. I did not go last year. I’m reading Portnoy’s Complaint and somebody needs to tell Philip Roth that madly intrusive and controlling parents are not exclusive to Jews. Just a thought. That was not a non-sequiter, by the way, it’s related to the previous statement about not going, and you are obliged to infer the meaning. Maybe my mom is Jewish, she does use Yiddish terms fairly often for a goy. She also likes to pull the martyr card. This would all be terribly ironic considering my grandpa is a fan of Hitler. I digress. It’s a good book. As for Coachella, all I can say is at least I don’t have to wash via baby wipes! Small consolation. Speaking of hygiene, there was an old woman on the skytrain today who smelled like a construction worker’s armpit during a record-breaking heatwave. Baby wipes could not have helped this lady, she needed a fire-hose and quarantine.

Music news:

Rough Trade Shops have decided to be cheeky bastards. There’s a new Blur single according to their Twitter, but they won’t say anything more about it–not even the name.

Yes, I’m writing like somebody particularly afflicted with senility. “When I was your age–then a grenade hit Johnny and he cried my name–I remember my first car it had white wall tires–” but somehow it all relates like Coachella and Portnoy’s Complaint. Anyway I’m going to fuck off to bed.

-Stay Gold


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