RIOT The SFU Art Show 2010

May 4, 2010 § Leave a comment

So yesterday I helped to disassemble the art grad show I was in. It was called Riot. I wouldn’t say the content of the show was particularly riotous, more akin to understated pessimism, however, the opening party was a riot in the sense of fun, so maybe the ambiguity of the title worked. I thought I’d share some pictures Julian took of mine and Oliver’s works. Two of the four by me were video, so I can’t really show anything of those in the form of photo.

This Place Could be a Palace

Reiterations: The Psychic Mafia I took a one dollar book apart and blacked out sections in order to create new narratives, non-linear or otherwise, sometimes self-referential, other times absurd.

Close up view includes photocopy of cover blacked out and the original cover turned around

Here are some pictures of (my keyboardist) Oliver’s work also in the show.

The Great Machine

(my favourite part)

The Scanner Project (I think that's the title) Oliver has scanned his face and stuck it in a lightbox

In the future I’ll probably post the videos I’ve made, as I mostly make video, but look, we had a good time.

The only good opening is a drunken one. Oli and I pose. My video is in the background, oooh.

The artists. Taken by somebody's mom who forgot to take off red-eye.

Still from Willing to Live in this Space

My Artist Statement as found on the postcards we were giving out:

Part of an often quoted Stevie Smith poem that goes, “I was much further out than you thought / And not waving but drowning” evokes thoughts of grainy Super-8 footage and nostalgic sepia photographs, then prompting a hidden shady underside for reveal. This concoction of familiarity with what has been veiled surmises my working methods. Through wry, absurd, darkly funny gestures, and explorations of alternative narratives and histories, some murky truths are offered up. I am willing to create art that oscillates between detached and intimate, or distantly close using destruction and non-linear logic.


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