Blur, because I feel like it

May 10, 2010 § Leave a comment

So I never heard this Blur song before, it’s from the 1994 release of Help! It’s their version of “elevator music”. If only elevator music actually sounded like this. Somebody uploaded it here. It reminds me of other more instrumental Blur songs such as “Resigned” which is also a favourite of mine. This is the classic Blur era, I mean, earlier was dreampoppy and later was more alternative rock sounding. This is goofy and poppy, in a lot of ways I can draw parallels between The Gorillaz’s last two albums and this era of Blur, granted, The Gorillaz are more processed sounding with a lot of electronic elements, but the compositions and silliness is there in both groups. I’d say Blur is perhaps more soulful and innocent, whereas Gorillaz would have wise street smarts. Anyway, I love this song. Were it not for the strange sleepiness of Damon Albarn’s vocals, I could almost hear a Belle and Sebastian song here.

Some goodies, excuse my fangirling.

Blue Jeans (live)

Bang (live Reading 1991)- This song always gets stuck in my head.

One of the funnier things I've seen in awhile.

And finally summing up everything rather well…

-stay gold


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