Lush Flowers

May 27, 2010 § Leave a comment

The Language of Flowers were on Shelflife Records and broke up, and in 2004 they released Songs About You. Initially, I wrote the album off. I liked “Leaving” but the other songs seemed, at the time, to be trying too hard to relive a sort of C86-early 90s sound with the very sweet-voiced female. Listening to it again, it’s actually pretty good, but it requires a certain romantic moodset of the listener. One particular song that sticks out is “I Don’t Care At All” that begins slowly and then kicks up into a duet, and I was instantly reminded of Lush’s duet with Jarvis Cocker “Ciao!” The lyrical themes are similar, each of them says they don’t care about the other anymore and how much life is better without them. Even Language of Flowers’ singer, Tara Simpson at times has a similar tone and vocal melody as Miki Berenyi, while the male singer in “I Don’t Care At All” (I’m not sure who it is, I suspect it’s Colm McCory because he’s the only male accredited on the album with vocals) does a sort of understated Robert Smith meets Jarvis Cocker delivery complete with accent. Anyway, the point is I love finding such comparisons. I invite you to listen for yourself.

I Don’t Care At All by The Language of Flowers (lossless file)

-stay gold


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