Sleuth Recording No.1

October 13, 2010 § Leave a comment

Hello internet!

So, Sleuth (that’s The Lion in Love/me, Julian Bowers and Oli with a really long surname) are heading down from our respective homes around Vancouver to the mystical land of Washington state to record our first E.P. with Jherek Bischoff of The Parenthetical Girls and many other swell projects. Excitement, yes! As of yet, the forthcoming E.P. hasn’t been named, but I’m sure hours of madness will remedy that. Why am I writing this when we haven’t left yet, you ask. Well, for one I’m unable to sleep tonight because I took a ‘nap’ at 10:45pm and two, I’m just about to say that I will probably try to take photographic evidence during the process and update here (so watch for it this weekend) and three, I’m just really elated. Say Julian has to play the same drum part over and over to get it right, what can I do at this juncture? Very little, so I might as well write about it m’thinks.

Details and Facts:

-There will be 6 songs on this E.P.

-It will be released initially–probably–maybe–on a small run of cassettes with MP3 downloads.

-It features some never-before-heard songs, although, I’m not sure anyone has been listening anyway….

-Yes, we will play some live shows when it’s done. Wanna book us?

-Julian and I find it very exciting to go to a country that has cans of Cherry Coke everywhere, because we’re innocent like that.

-There will be strings, melodions, noise, jangle, reverb, 80s synths, motor-rhythmic drums, gang vocals, pop melodies, tambourines, movers and shakers!

Stay tuned and stay gold!


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