Sleuth Recording No.2: An Adventure in Photos

October 17, 2010 § 1 Comment

So, I know I said I’d be updating while we were recording, but as it turns out Julian’s laptop doesn’t have a card reader like I thought it would. As a result, the photos had to wait until I got home, which was really only two hours ago. We arrived in Poulsbo, Washington on Friday morning to start recording with Jherek. We finished most of the E.P. as far as recording goes, although, Julian and I got stuck with some stupid cold, which meant my vocals were severely impaired. Those will have to wait until next time. Also, I apologize for the strange colouring of the photos, my camera doesn’t have a flash and the studio was kind of dark.


A quick shot of the studio space.



Julian fixing up the drums as a tom and snare setup.



Jherek working magic on the drums.



Me playing guitar for "Unceremonious Splendour". Note the scary mask on the wall.



Oli getting it on the first take.



Jherek as one of best bassist I've heard.

Fast hands.

It might not look like it because I was chewing, but I loved these chips.

Oliver looking particularly distinguished and Julian standing by like a proud father.

Julian playing guitar for "Comme Des Garçons" with Jherek at work.

Oliver thinks it's so funny he got a photo of me with my hair sticking up. Not that funny.

Day 2

Pretty much the only photo that places me anywhere near a microphone. I'm like Bigfoot: the proof is always a little blurry.

Julian as Dan Aykroyd's son.

Day 3

Listening to vocal takes on "Apocalypse, Please Sign The Release Form First".

Julian dying, apparently.

Obligatory Celebration Shot

Twin Peaks log where Laura Palmer was found!

Julian as Laura Palmer

Band shot!

Jules on the Twin Peaks log.

Oliver investigating Native American sculpture in the vicinity of the Twin Peaks log.



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