Sleuth Recording No.4 Conclusion and Rambling

October 31, 2010 § 1 Comment

So that’s it. Sleuth finished all the mixing this afternoon and took the longest car trip ever back to Vancouver bidding Washington goodbye. We went into a real American WalMart, which was kind of creepy–especially on Hallowe’en and not because of the costumes either, and spent the entire trip playing a word game where one person says a word and the next says a word that begins with the last letter of the first word using bands. Basically, that’s it. I have no new photos, because all we did today and yesterday was sit and check stuff over–a lot.

Last night I was fuelled on coffee–which I rarely drink, and I think the madness shows in the mixing. “What if we made it sound like I’m singing under a blanket, or like, you know, um, Ian Curtis, except I don’t sing like Ian Curtis, or even in the same range, really… yeah. Like that.” Poor Jherek having to deal with my insanity and Oliver’s cough and Julian’s sickness.

Also, during dinner last night we lost two hours of our lives to the worst horror film I’ve ever managed to sit through. It wasn’t even good bad, it was just straight up shitty. Never watch The Strangers if given the opportunity. While by the description it sounds like it could be a good film, The Strangers is incredibly disappointing, slow and you get to watch Liv Tyler negotiate through simple activities such as moving a lamp, or turning off a smoke detector like she has oven mitts for hands. The movie promises such tantalizing notes as “based on real events”. The extent to which this film is based on true events is as follows: one night somebody knocked on the writer’s door when he was a kid, asking for someone that didn’t live in his house and the next day his neighbours’ houses had been broken into. And that’s it. If you want to watch a good thriller, suspense, creepy-type movie watch the original version of The Haunting, it has atmosphere and everyone likes emotionally disturbed women. It isn’t gorey, but it is entertaining, with a slight Psycho feel to it due to the narrative overdubs of our introverted protagonist. I watched that last night at 2am on YouTube, so check there if you haven’t been Hallowe’ened out.

So all we need now are the mastered versions of the tracks and then, who knows?

Stay Gold.


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