Foxtrot Echo Lima Tango

November 4, 2010 § Leave a comment

So a few months ago a fanzine on the band, Felt was put out, and I was surly and disappointed when it sold out before I got a copy, but luckily a second pressing allowed me the privilege. When I hear “zine” I think of somebody’s photocopier getting worn out and variants of courier new font. Let me preface: the seemingly inflated price of the fanzine is worth it because Foxtrot Echo Lima Tango is more akin to a book than a zine, because it has the obsessive spirit of a zine with the perfection (not to mention binding) of a book.

Inside there are articles written by everyone from Tim Gane of Stereolab and McCarthy fame to Lora Findlay who designed pretty much everything the band ever put out and a few interviews to boot. It’s mostly tastefully black and white with about two pages of colour shots, with never-before-published images. The end has a recent letter from Maurice Deebank, the original guitarist, who had all but disappeared after he left the group. I think the thing I like about this zine is that Felt is the perfect band to make something for with this kind of devotion; they are a complete enigma of perfectionist attitude and owning their music doesn’t seem to make you feel any closer, because there is an intimate distance inherent in the songs. Even candid and honest interviews with Lawrence don’t seem to explain what Felt was.


All interested parties direct yourself to the website:

Stay Gold!


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