Sleuth Year One

March 8, 2011 § Leave a comment

So I went to the band’s myspace page, because I couldn’t remember what the URL was. Brilliant, right? Anyway, I realized that on March 22nd Sleuth will be a year old, and since I’ll forget to mention that on the actual day I decided to do it now. At any rate, this has prompted me to take a moment of reflection.

The genesis of the project grew out of my work as The Lion in Love, largely comprising of my own songs with just Julian on drums, which began about 6 months earlier in August ’09. You may think it odd, but it took 6 months of working together to realize that these weren’t all just my songs, they were becoming our songs. Not to mention that when Julian does write a song, it is usually a real stinger. I mean, I may be more prolific, but I am also full of missteps, whereas either Julian rarely writes and when he does the songs are aces or, unlike me, he has some sense of self-censorship in presenting songs to others. I like to think it is the latter for the sake of my own delicately bloated ego.

I should also take care to mention that Oliver had recently joined us in perhaps January or February last year, playing what began as really the most pitiful keyboard lines I had for him. So anyway, one night Julian and I decided we should start a separate project of just us two with plans of making it more collaborative than The Lion in Love stuff, and spent about 3 hours knocking about some of the most brilliant (and taken) and most stupid (and also taken) band names, before saying fuck it and going with Sleuth, which we figured was probably taken also but didn’t care. We liked the movie–the original one specifically. It also made me think of film noir and The Hardy Boys, and I don’t know if that’s cool or not, but it also appealed to my britpop senses when bands had short names: Blur, Cast (crap band, I know), Oasis and Denim (risky with that second syllable), Suede, Ride and Lush (later rather britpoppy) ect. Also, everyone likes S bands. With this name decided, that night I registered the myspace account, thus the anniversary is March 22nd.

What began as a duo with Julian and I, wound up to be inclusive of Oli additionally, because the way it seemed was after one practice of the two of us, we were doing virtually the same thing we did before just without an extra instrument. So we just threw in all of The Lion in Love songs.

In that year we managed to record Brave Knew Nothing after 7 months of being Sleuth with Jherek Bischoff. That’s fucking awesome. Of course, the release is probably the questionable part of this journey. To be honest, we’ve just been lazy fools about trying to shop it around, so we should get to that soon.

Also, we haven’t found a bassist, but again, haven’t really been looking very hard. I mean, you have to ask yourself, do you really want to arrange a practice with a fourth person? It’s hard enough not to conflict schedules as is. Begrudgingly, I will concede that we could probably do with a bassist and a proper release of our EP. But there is is something to be said of the self-satisfaction in making what you feel is a good piece of art, do you really need more than that, for example, listeners?

Well there it is, but we have two weeks to release the record and gain a bassist before the year is official! I’m quite sure the only way this could happen would be through some violent act of nature thrusting the right people into my doorway due to a hurricane whirling them into the general vicinity and a flash flood carrying them through the door. I’d get them towels and tea to ensure no hypothermia and charm them by playing the EP on a loop. (That sounds a bit like what the U.S. Military does to terrorist prisoners doesn’t it?)

Thanks for reading if you got this far and listening.

Stay Gold.

Jainy (The Lion in Love)


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