Sleuth: Listen to the whole damn EP.

March 9, 2011 § Leave a comment

Hey kids,

I finally got around the doing up the Bandcamp website I registered months ago! That’s the entire Brave Knew Nothing EP up for your listening pleasure, with songs not available on our myspace page, so you haven’t heard them before. We’re going to be doing up a very limited run of hand-numbered fancy high-quality cassettes–not those cheap dollar store ones, yet paradoxically, they will be incredibly reasonably priced. When we secure our order from the supplier in the next week or so, Brave Knew Nothing will also become available for download in whatever format you desire. Stay tuned for that!

Cover Art!

I’m super excited to see something that for me has been years in the making becoming tangible. Some of these songs are two or three years old, and others are less than a year old. I’ll quit gushing. Check out the artwork! And remember that we’d love it if you liked our Bandcamp on your Facebook page and tell all your pals n’ gals and even the people you hate. I apologize for the blatant plugging there for social networking.

Stay Gold!


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