NEWS: Tapes Sold-Out and Shows and New Member!

September 4, 2011 § Leave a comment

So here I am wearing my bubble-wrap veil. Beside me are the last packed copies of Brave Knew Nothing to be shipped to Japan, which is why I’m wearing a Tokyo tee.

We are personally sold out of the Brave Knew Nothing EP cassettes, however, several fine retailers below should have copies, or you can download it all instantly on our Bandcamp.

Pebble Records (located in England)

Vollwert Records (located in Germany)

Violet and Claire (located in Japan, but might still be waiting for their shipment of cassettes)

Zoo Zhop (located in Canada, best to go in-store if you can)


**September 10th, Ayden Gallery, Vancouver for Cloudscape Comics book launch** No Cover

**October 4th, Railway Club, Vancouver part of CiTr Shindig competition** No clue what cover is.

We’ll be playing new tunes (and old-ish tunes) and debuting out new bassist, Jesse Easter.

Thank you everyone for your support. We have more for you in the future, feel free to bother us because we’re like petulant children and just want any kind of attention to mistake for love.


-The Lion in Love


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