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We are artists, musicians, writers, filmmakers, critics, collectors, spectators, collaborators, readers, failures, amateurs, enthusiasts, atheists, spies, shy, unsure and usually unemployed, but willing to try anything twice (or not at all.)

Sleuth believes it’s not how you describe it, but what you do with it, and that is what explains a thing’s “it” quality and in turn, creates resonance. This is why Sleuth believes in verbs rather than adjectives.

Sleuth is noise and bubblegum, and seeking a space that makes enough sense.

Things you should know about Sleuth:

1. We would make awful detectives.

2. We might be nervous.

3. We have the capacity to talk endlessly, but we like to listen too.

4. We took 3 hours to decide on a name. Other options included Joan Crawford’s Eyebrows, My Mother is a Fish and a bunch of other good ideas that someone beat us to.

5. When we know more, you will too.

Oli, The Lion in Love, Julian Bowers

We’re  interested in being booked for shows.

We also have a myspace page.

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